“All I Ever Needed, All I Ever Wanted”

About 3 years ago, I really struggled with a decision. I have an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies at at one point in time, was the Senior Paralegal of the Nursing Home Negligence Department in a huge law firm. I made a pretty nice penny, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I struggled between material comfort, pleasing my parents and internal peace. On a whim, I booked a trip to Arizona. I spent 4 days with my camera. I drove from one end of Arizona to the other, soul searching with every picture I took. Just being able to take in all the beauty that surrounded me, feeling the sun on my face, the freedom to be exactly what I wanted to be. At the end, I had made the decision that it was time for me let go of my parent’s expectations of me and became what I have always wanted to become.

My passion for photography is unexplainable. When I have a camera in my hands, it’s like I’m invincible, fearless and confident. The feeling of knowing that I can stop time with each image I take humbles me. Knowing that I’ve captured moments that will last long after our time here is done is rewarding in itself. Photographing isn’t just an art for me, it’s my way of life, my zen.

I’m a self-taught photographer, so to some people, I’m living a fairytale, to others I’m the definition of a “starving artist”, the underdog that no one will take a chance on. To myself, I’m a professional photographer. I like being the underdog, because I like proving those wrong who doubt me. I will get to where I need to be, I’ve been at rock bottom, only way to go is up.

“And I go
Stand up to a giant
Say that I am a fighter” – Arizona- Kings of Leon

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